Who and what is Planet Nerd Rage?

In the parlance of our time, "nerd rage" is known as anger directed at overlooked, vital details that undermine everything.

PLANET NERD RAGE is passion hyper-focused on vital details that mean everything.

This is who we are.


joe barbagallo . producer . actor . cofounder

Joe Barbagallo is a producer seasoned in extracting the greatest value of the specialists he surrounds himself with. He's accustomed to operating on several different altitudes from leading cast & crew for Rolling Stone Magazine to nurturing direct relationships with partners from Google. His career started in front of the camera where he gradually worked his way around the set. 


mark cheng . director . visual effects artist . cofounder

Mark Cheng studied film at Cornell University and earned his MBA from Rutgers Business School in High Tech Growth. He has made films since it was done using a shoulder-mounted VHS recorder or a 16mm Bolex. He has been working in the media space for over a decade. His last 10 has been spent at MTV/Nickelodeon. His films have played at festivals, won awards, and have invoked nerdgasms throughout the metaverse.